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I've been kicked out the living room as poor Leah is stretched out on the floor, sleeping. I think her room is too hot today. She looked so cute and I wanted to pet her head, but I think that is probably the opposite of helpful ;) SO now I get to try to eat dumplings in my bed. There is going to be soy sauce everywhere. Which is ignoring the main issue of dumplings in bed which might be my favourite thing ever!!

Saw Rhys Darby last night. And while he is not my favourite red-headed comedian, he was rather funny and I enjoyed his show. His support act was only funny about twice though, and terribly offensive and shouty at all other times. I never have been a fan of comedians who shout every single punchline. If you have to shout it, obviously the joke isn't funny on it's own. Let the material shout for itself! They all do it sometimes, which is fine. Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey do it with style. Rik Mayall annoys me (as clever as I think he is) because he shouts everything. This guy wasn't even funny when he was shouting. Augh.

Rhys Darby mentioned he had twittered a photo of Christchurch's Satan Parade. (Okay, it was a Santa Parade, but that typo is too amusing and I'm leaving it...) and I thought he was joking about the contents of said photo so I checked Twitter. He was not. Behold Rhys' Santa Parade photo from his Twitter feed. Oh, New Zealand. Really? Nothing like a sheep limo outside a cathedral.

Most of Rhys Darby's jokes were about Rhys Darby, but that was okay. I still left with sore lungs. From...laughing.

Also? Tim Minchin is all I ever listen to any more. My iPod is now a TimPod.
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