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Watched Tim Minchin's Enough Rope interview on Youtube. It's in 3 parts (the first part is here if you are interested and the other parts you can get to on the side menu) and he is adorbs when he talks about his wife. "Sarah's nice, I like her". His views on religion are much like my brother's too. They do seem really alike in their wit, which makes me adore Tim all the more.

ANYWAY then I had banana cake that Laura made. And then this happened because Laura and Leah are watching The Fifth Element.

Me: "GARY OLDMANNNN! It's okay he's annoying in this movie."
Laura: "He's in this movie? Who is he?"
Me: "The bad guy."
Laura: "...I thought Gary Oldman was short. And black."
Leah: "...that's Gary Colman"

Cue me nearly choking on my cake.
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