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I am having the hardest time speaking tonight. I am stuttering and stumbling over my words all over the place. And while this isn't unusual for me in smaller doses, it won't stop and I feel like I am trying to talk with marbles in my mouth and I can't make myself understood unless I speak in 3-word sentences and I just want to cry. It's really frustrating and it's making me grumpy (though I am managing not to act like a bitch, go me!) and FFFFFFFF whyyyyyy

I talk a lot. I like talking. STOP BETRAYING ME, TONGUE. If it were daytime I would sing a bunch because it's never a problem when I'm singing. but it's late and I can't because I'm a high-pitched, loudymcloud when I sing. So I'll sit here and bitch on LJ and be frustrated and weepy woe woe woe woe is me.

...I hope I don't have a stroke... (I think it's more likely just the messed up sleep that's doing it.)
Tags: :(, fail, issues, lara hates you, stupid body, stuttering stutterer

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