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I cannot sleep. My cat is mocking me because she has crawled into my bed and under the covers as if to say "HAHA I CAN SLEEP IN YOUR BED AND YOU CANNOT!"

Mind won't stop. I even wrote quite a long scene with Patrick in FS (it technically takes place tomorrow hush) to get him out of my HEAD because he was yammering on and on and that didn't work. I spent hours looking on Tumblr and found amazing things (Tim Minchin singing Single Ladies it was epic) and still NOTHING.

So I decided to watch Rock and Roll Nerd, the Tim Minchin Story because Alina gave it to us yesterday.

I cried practically the entire time. Oh, Tim. Oh, Tim!

I should explain one of the oddities of Lara. I don't like concerts. I find them boring because like...if you're going to listen to music, LISTEN to it and do other things at the same time. My mind never shuts off. It goesangogesandgoesandoges so if I watch a concert I get twitchy and jumpy and bored so easily and I just want to be doing something else about 4 minutes in. So while I think Tim Minchin is brilliant and I love his music, I haven't really watched his shows. It would be a bad idea until I know the songs by heart. Only then can I stop my stupid brain from flying all over the place because I can appease it by singing along. So I knew the songs sort of, but seeing Tim do his thing is not something I am familiar with even though I use him as a PB in several places now.

BUT THE THING!! He changed his look and he got so popular so fast and he was all "Seriously? O_O okay then..." and his WIFE and the baby (OMG I cried so hard it hurt) and he was just so...lovely. Lovely and real. And now I want to see all the live shows. Because I am, if nothing else, contrary.
Tags: issues, saint patrick apparently owns my soul, sleeping is good for you, tim minchin

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