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Dear Alina,

Please don't kill me for this. I am doing it because you are amazing. (And I love Hera. But I mostly love you.)



SO this is a quote from the blog of one Hera Hjartardottir (http://www.herasings.com/blog which has lovely photos of Hera at Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer's artperformance wedding flashmob thing!) The amazing, Christhurch (via Iceland) singer/songwriter the LFoD likes to stalk.

And for those of you frustrated with the Icelandic interview... here is not a translation, but a documentary! by the super lovely Alina White, who contacted me a few months ago about doing this, it was her project for film school (- the school of fine arts, university of Canterbury.) She's also an awesome artist! Here it is in two parts :) xo

And Ali informed us that the song at the end was her suggestion and her favourite. It's gorgeous and I WANT A RECORDING. Makebelieve Girl is close to my livejournal's title (it's artificial girl, but close enough).
Tags: ali is a goddess, alina is amazing, amanda fucking palmer, amanda/neil, hera sings, i know amazing people..., lara loves you, lfod, music, neil gaiman, talent is awesome, videos

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