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Hahahhaha! So it was my lovely character Julian's 20th birthday today (WEREN'T YOU 16 YESTERDAY, JULIAN, WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!) and I posted in his journal about it. And a few minutes later I got an amusing spam reply.

Oh yes, I will totally read your horoscope except it's a ROLE PLAYING JOURNAL and says so in the userinfo. Of course trying to talk sense into spammers is probably a sign of insanity...

And amusement aside, I am annoyed at LJ because that is SO not the icon I chose for Julian's post. It was supposed to be his grinning one. He is talking about ponies and birthdays and his daughter Aislinn. He would not be brooding... I edited it and it STILL won't show the right one. I hate it when LJ does that. I wrote this horrible scene with Flynn and the icon LJ insists on showing is Flynn, grinning away. YAY, BEING BEATEN UP IS AWESOME!

Stupid LJ.

But I freaking love Julian...
Tags: argh internet, darker london, julian littleton is not my lover, the littletons

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