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The other night was one of the loveliest nights of my life. And even in my eventful and sometimes messed-up life there have been many fantastic ones, so this is saying something.

Woot texted asking if we watched to watch the sunset on the beach. The LFoD was watching Queer as Folk and eating, so we had to finish that of course (Brian Kinney says so) and so we ended up leaving just at sunset. The sky was brilliantly orangey-red and incredible and by the time we got to Sumner beach, it was darkish. Sumner Beach looks like THIS except the tide was out so you could walk all the way out past that nearly submerged rock out there.

For those of you who have not seen me on a beach, I regress to a ball of child-like joy. I grew up, at least in part, on the ocean. Wellllll on the Puget Sound, and we spent a lot of summers in Oregon and California. The ocean owns my soul. I ran into the water, not too deep because it's freezing, and played in the surf. And you see that big rock with the mast thingy on top of it? That has a cave under it, so we went into the cave and them climbed up to the top of the rock, meaning I faced two fears. The dark, and heights. And while we were up there, people were playing with sparklers and I didn't panic. HAH!

But...it was so beautiful, you guys. It was misty and the lights on the hill were SO pretty and it was warm and wonderful and just... kind of like this but darker and mistier and AWESOMER.

And since I had faced three fears, we figured why not another one. Woot drove us out to Lyttleton via the tunnel (AUGH) and we looked around there. It was lovely and peaceful and full of joy and RENT songs and laughter. Sometimes the simplest things are the best things.
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