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I am terrified of fireworks. Like...really. When I was younger, my mother took us kids out to Whitefish Lake in Montana to watch a fireworks show on the 4th of July. Only there was a problem and the freaking barge blew up (and that wasn't the last tragedy that day, stupid Independence Day) and so I associate fireworks with that. Oh my god, I'm terrified of heights too and this one time during the county fair, the fireworks show started and for it, they stop the ferris wheel and I got STUCK AT THE TOP while these things went off right over my head. Most people would be thrilled, because it was a great view, or would have been if my eyes were open. I kept screaming and ruining everyone else's fun.

Anyway...it's Guy Fawkes day on the 5th, and the neighbours are already firing off the fireworks. Actual 'explodey in the sky' ones, not the tiny little cones my father used to purchase for my brothers for them to set off in the woods in our backyard mostly aimed at birds or trees or the house or each other (HOLY CRAP how country bumpkin do I SOUND in this entry?!?). And instead of screaming, I flailed a little and then went to stand at the window with Alison to watch them.

And the house didn't burn down yet and no one started screaming and no one was on fire and it was allllll fine. And they were very pretty.

So maybe I can get through this stupid day without having a heart attack.
Tags: did guy fawkes look like orlando bloom, fears, fireworks whhyyyy?, issues, oh dear...

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