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The yelly entry was fun, wasn't it? Aren't I a ball of sunshine in the morning?!

Exam was awesome. All easy. And I might hate my brain for being talkyanxious when trying to sleep and keep me up, but my memory is so fricking kick ass. I studied a year's worth of material for 45 minutes. I remembered everything I read and had no trouble writing it up in essay form as usual. So there are good sides to having a brain that won't quit. I rely on you, memory. You haven't failed me yet. When you eventually do, I will have a little cry.

Speaking of crying, on the bus there was a Peter. Also a man who smelled of wee. I had to move because my stupid gag reflex is stronger than I am (seriously if it were in a game of tug-of-war, it would win against anything). I am so sorry, man I don't know. I can't help it. I even gagged once I got off the bus because I remembered the smell. I can't do wees smell when it's powerful like that. I felt like SUCH a bitch moving away, but it was that or vomit.

Then I went out with classmates and got told if I didn't come out more often I was in trouble because I am a hoot. Respect.

Then I got home and it took forever to get out of my jeans and into my pajama bottoms because my kitten insisted on being lifted up every time I put her down (she jumps up on you and reaches up asking to come up and you can't NOT pick her up when she does it) and then she rubbed her face all over mine and that is the best welcome home ever.

Now I feel like I am dying on the inside. Oh god. Sleep dep and blood sugar imbalance and uururrggghhhhh *cries*
Tags: blood sugar, lara loves you, my memory is a steel trap, please excuse my gag reflex, shut up all of you i'm dying!, sleeping is good for you, studying, stupid body, tooting my own horn

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