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Social Policy Paper on Mental Health Services in New Zealand word count reached. Now all I have to do is make it not sound disjointed which I am going to do AFTER going to a movie and out for dinner, because right now I am too close to it. I even finished the REFERENCING which I always leave until last because I hate stupid bibliographies.

Also, I got my tax return from Australia. And I DID get $3,200 for it. Holy crap on a cracker. But, you know...awesome! So then I bought some silly things off of Trade Me, but they were very cheap!

Now I only have a 4,000 words research proposal to do. It's due on Friday. I have a write up of a presentation I did on Wednesday as well, but those write-ups take very little time. There's another video exam on Wednesday and then I have to stand up and give a mihi in the Maori language (it's worth 5% and I am more terrified about that than the video exam which is worth 40% arghhhhh) and then this year is over.

God, it's weird.

I hope I win the auctions and then we can have Halloween-themed Chinese lanterns in the LFoD. YES THAT IS WHAT I BID ON DO NOT JUDGE ME!
Tags: damn you trade me, money is important, omg!, studying, yay!

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