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So this is a little more than 30 days, but whatever...

Some people I want to kick. So instead, I will meme.

Song that always makes you think of a plot- That depends. Joy Division always makes me think of Flynn because he's in a Joy Division cover band. Little House~The Fray is Deirdre. Most Dream Theater = Peter. Near to You~A Fine Frenzy is Tristan/Flynn. Breathe Me~Sia is Deirdre after Kait died. Lovecats~The Cure reminds me of Flynn/Quinn because Flynn played it and sang it to Quinn. It also makes me think of Godric because I did horrible things to him while that song played. Anything Muse is what Thomas jogs to DO NOT JUDGE ME and Lovesong~The Cure was what Eamon played to Adrina. Walking on Sunshine is Peter's ringtone because it makes me laugh. Amanda Palmer and Emilie Autumn both have songs I associate with plots but I can't remember them. And there's a VNV Nation song without words which I put on when writing Peter in World Saving Mode. Because I SUCK at action plots. Like...god yes. So I need actiony songs. VNV Nation and the song from the series finale of Buffy by Rob Duncan (which is, by the way, one of the most amazing instrumentals in the history of television, even if I generally pretend that the seventh season of Buffy does not exist)

I think the one song that I associate most with roleplay though, is See the Sky Again by Edwin McCain. And Scout will know why :D. My mobile phone STILL says that when I turn it on. And it was my ringtone for almost three years because it has heavy connections to Peter.

Favorite setting- Uhm. London? I don't know. Anywhere in London. There!

And FYI, random icon WIN
Tags: 30 days of rp meme, and celebrate the irony, flynn and quinn!, let's all dance to joy division, london, peter kemp, rpgs

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