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Oh, appropriate random icons

Jesus H. Particular Christ, my insides are melting. And yes YOU ALL NEEDED TO KNOW.

At least my back feels better today.

/old lady

I have 7,500 words left of assessments to write, one mihi to give, and then one exam which I am not worried about, and this university year will be over. Three more days of class. Two if I can't be buggered going on Monday which, frankly, I might not be. All the assessment for that class is over! We'll see. We'll see.

I don't like endings. But a summer of nothing? I might be looking forward to that.

Instead of NaNo, because I don't wanna, I am going to write 50,000 words in my RPGs. Because I CAN. And I am going to learn to play my guitar again so I can do it like I did before, and I am going to jam on my uke with Alison and Ness :D And probably drink white wine in the sun (because all you Minchin fans were waiting for it) though the wine might just be sparkly. Moscatoooooo. And I'll get to revel in the beauty of the place I live in, because it is SO beautiful. And then in December/January, my Jayannpants is coming to visit. Every time I think about it, I just about cry of happy.

Things are wonderful, despite the way I started the post. I don't know. I think I deserve it.
Tags: ali is a goddess, even my guitar is blue, happiness, lfod ukulele chorus, love, new zealand, ow, pants, studying, summer is nice times, yay ness!

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