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Leah: "Megadeth is playing in Auckland. Oh my God, how will they fit Dave Mustaine's ego there?!"

I love my housemates. They are made of total and complete win.

Also? Today I saw around in the sun with my Social Work peeps and, randomly, we decided to roll down the hill. So we did. Because why not, right?! I got grass all over myself and it was awesome. And then I got my hair cut.

The end.

(I lied)

Ali: *flails* FUCK OFF!!!!!!! ....moth.

(and again)

Ali: Oh my GOD it's 11.
Me: I know, I was about to toddle off.
Ali: WHAT?! (I suspect she was feigning surprise...)
Me: To my bed, not to death!
Ali: ...who toddles off to death?!!?
Ali: ....I know, but- ...!!!

And then we laughed really hard.
Tags: ali is a goddess, haha, leah is beautiful, lfod, lolwhut, quotes

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