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"That's okay, I am the coolest person in the apocalypse, you know!"

It's nice to know that even in other people's dreams, I am still me. Even in Alison's epic zombie apocalypse dream I managed to get out of the breeding program because I was a scientist with massive brains. I love that a little too much.

Hey, I saved Neil Gaiman in the dream. Respect!

Today I had a test I did not appreciate, though I did fine. And I gave my presentation which had a Tim Minchin song at the beginning and that was awesome. Now I need to finish my essay for tomorrow. Aughaughaugh this term is trying to kill me.
Tags: I ♥ nerds, ali is a goddess, coolest person in the apocalypse, dreams, haha, lolwhut, sleeping is good for you, studying, zombie hobbits

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