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So...I had this dream, right? I was at a hotel (FOR DEIRDRE'S BIRTHDAY she is my CHARACTER) and it was Halloween and we were partying and Jude Law showed up. Not Flynn, Jude Law. And FOR SOME REASON, he was like "I like you" and I was like "I don't really do men unless I connect with you spiritually and I do not want another one of your random kids you tend to have" and he said, "we can just date without sexings" and I was like "OKAY!"

If you're saying LOLWHUT now, just wait.

So we went to a POOL or something and we were talking by the side of it and I guess I was trying to be sexy so I reached over to pull his glasses off and he screamed and covered his eyes so quickly I gave them back and he explained that when he was a kid, he had this toy that made everything brighter and, being a kid, he thought it would be a GREAT idea to wear them in a solarium and it burned his retinas so now he has to wear special glasses that make it darker. Yeah.

AND THEN I SAID (god, dream me is embarrassing) "But, like...in The Holiday, I read on IMDB that to make your eyes so shiny, they shined lights right into them while filming. And Cameron Diaz had like 4 lights and you had two. Didn't that hurt because you didn't have glasses on the whole movie. OH is that why you wore them for part of it!?" (*headdesk*) And he was like "Yes! And then for the rest I had special contacts in!"

And then he had to go check out of the hotel and so I went to a Halloween party to wait for the date because APPARENTLY the poolside where I burned his retinas wasn't the real date (Phew?!) and then my date changed from Jude Law to Ben. From Darker London. Who is Neil Gaiman. No really, thatoldgeek so I was kind of glad I woke up before the date happened.

My dreams are so weird.
Tags: dreams, haha, jude law, lolwhut, sillyness!, the burned retinas of childhood

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