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Ali: "I am not good at verbal book reviews." *awkward silence* ..... ... .. ..... "Or...speaking..."

Alison ♥

My exercycle is awesome. It is in my room and I've already used it twice. Woot took me to get it and Alison came along and getting it into the car was...interesting. I did not help. Woot did it all. And then we went to the BeAcH and we had SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM FROM A VAN and then I FROLICKED IN THE OCEAN UNTIL MY JEANS WERE SOAKED AND I COULDN'T FEEL MY FEET. No, you seriously do not understand how excited this makes me.

...I'm 29. *cough*

Anyway, my presentation on prejudice is nearly finished and I have consumed an entire clove of baked garlic as well as chicken and wedges. Alison should always cook. Garliiiiiccccccc.

And coffee. But not together.

I might be slightly hyper since I spent the entire day studying instead of on the internet (except for the break in the middle with beaches...not the movie though I do love that Bette Midler) and now I can't stop wiggling and giving Alison funny looks which make her be silent awkwardly.

Tags: I ♥ nerds, ali is a goddess, oceanbaby, sillyness!, studying, woot is made of woot!

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