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A memory ~ In roleplay? Hmm. Well I remember the creation of father_peter vividly, but I have talked about it a million times. I wanted a character who knew about supernatural things to guide Deirdre the demon through her...demonness. And after having listened to the commentary on The Amityville Horror where Hans Holzer (♥) was talking about priests who do exorcism, I created the character of Peter who was originally a monk and in one scene (which seems SO insignificant, but it really isn't). Then I decided to flesh him out. And the bastard never shut up. The moment I decided to write him, I sat down and planned out the next several months and then wrote 30 pages of stuff over a weekend. It was...like a freaking mind-meld. And I have since gone back to fix up that scene since he became a priest instead of a monk and...such.

Now I have posted over 1,500 scenes with him in darker_london and I did this 100 things about Peter Kemp (which I added a bunch of shit too, but it's all written in a notebook somewhere. That is SO out of date!) and then I did another 100 things as well. Because I CAN. I fleshed out his family too. Most of them are arseholes :D

Uhm. That's all, really.

A graphic you’re proud of

Uh...long story. But I typo a lot and Peter was my second character. Deirdre was my first and I had written her for nearly a year before Peter came along. I was so used to writing 'she' and 'her' I kept typing that for Peter as well. I think it was Scout or someone in the conversation window who dubbed him Mother Peter. And then there was a cracky conversation on the OOC community for Dirty Life which involved Mother Peter being a lesbian though I can't remember why...

Anyway, years later IN GAME Deirdre joined an online 'roleplay' set in Melbourne (where I was at the time) and she played a nun while using her Peter as the PB. Why? Because I think I'm hilarious.

So I made this... and this: mother_peter

It's supposed to be badly done. And every time I see it, I laugh my arse off.
Tags: 30 days of rp meme, darker london, dirty life, mother peter, peter kemp

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