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Something not earthquake related, I just finished Shutter Island (I watched half of it yesterday, fell asleep, and had WEIRD dreams...). I have never seen it before. Lewi saw it with his family though and once on the phone he said "there's a twist, but you'll probably figure it out right away?" and I said "is it ___?" and he was like "...uh...yes..." So while I usually figure out the ending of movies while I am watching them way before the twists are revealed, I figured out this one before I ever watched it! In my opinion, the trailer gave everything away.

So while I was watching it? I figured out every single detail. Who was fake, who was real, who Chuck was, who Teddy was, who Rachael was...all of it. I figured out the conversations he was having with that Nolan guy too. I am a little disappointed. Not in the MOVIE just...usually there's SOMEthing I don't figure out even if I get the big bits. Nope. Not a thing. I figured out exactly what they were doing, WHY they were doing it (nice one, Tom Cruise), and why he kept having headaches... Like...ten minutes into the thing. (Am I the only one? Lewi said he got parts of it, but what did other people figure out?)

COME ON, HOLLYWOOD! STEP UP! I WANT TO BE SURPRISED AGAIN! M. Night Shyamalan could never do it. Not even with The Sixth Sense. Someone out there has to be able to! Hell.

Still? I enjoyed it. It was fun and even though I figured it out, I do enjoy being proven right at the end.

(Harry was a horcrux. I predicted that at the end of the sixth book. This is why we listen to me.)
Tags: lolwhut, movies

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