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Every hour and a half to two hours (if we're lucky and even get that long of a reprieve) there's an aftershock. When I was sleeping, I kept waking up and then a few seconds later there would be one. And then, just a minute ago I was like "Oh, one is coming" and then one did. It's weird. Luckily they have been less intense than the one that woke me up from my nap and sent Ariadne under the sofa yesterday. That was was a 5.0 Still...stop pls. I may have missed the big one, but these are still disconcerting.

They feel weird in this house. Like someone is jumping around in the far end of the house and then travelling towards you, still jumping, until they jump under you and then pass you by. It's like it actually travels throughout. So strange.

And I was going to go on a walk, but it's windy! Maybe later. I want to check on the cemetery and Alison's library. I'd like to not get blown away though.
Tags: ariadne and her ball of wool, new zealand, plate tectonics to the left, sleeping is good for you

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