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Oh, Peter, we all know you don't like playing football!

Token ghost books I buy every time I come to the US acquired! Why they don't sell books like this in NZ and Australia is beyond me. Except in The Haunted Bookshop in Melbourne. Oh Haunted Bookshop, I miss you even though your owner is an insufferable twat. For some weird reason, the guy LOVED me though I thought he would hate me because I look like SUCH a square. But when I asked for something and obviously knew what I wanted I think that helped. Actually, he probably loved me because I practically bought out his entire 'hauntings' section over the course of a year. He said it was harder and harder to find books on hauntings because of the internet, but there are plenty to be found here at Hastings and I found lots in the UK as well. Whatever, Drew is a weird guy. And he runs the Melbourne ghost tour. Which I would TOTALLY recommend if you are in Melbourne and interested in ghosts! It's awesome! Lalala Linky!

ANYWAY, I bought a huge book of tales of haunted places, because those are my favourite. Obviously as I have about 30 of the things. And then I bought Idiots Guide to the Paranormal because it not only talks about ghosts but it has stuff about angels and demons in there too. Which is interesting research for FG. I read about Belial in the car! And there's a section on the exorcism of Annaliese Somethingorother which was what The Exorcism of Emily Rose was based on.

I love these books. There was only one book by Holzer though. No good paranormal section is complete without several Hans Holzers, please. He wrote over a hundred of the things. Holzer died in 2009 and I totally cried because I am a loser. But he inspired my Father Peter father_peter because I wanted a character who knew about the supernatural (and is the reason Peter was in Austria originally, because Holzer is from Vienna) and his ideas of mediumship are still what I use when I write my mediums in Darker London.

Also? Also? I kind of bought The Idiot's Guide because it has a section called Father Peter's last Exorcism which made me laugh because like...MY Peter's last exorcism was Svetlana except it didn't work and Thomas totally died and I laughed out loud IN the store while I was reading what has nothing to do with my characters and is about a Roman Catholic exorcist. So there I am in the New Age aisle, holding a book about the paranormal and cackling. A lady who was walking by gave me a VERY strange look.

It was awesome :D
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