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As my dear friend goes to work at Disneyland in Paris, I sit here (at far too early in the morning) and contemplate the occasionally all to hard to see beauty of today's world.

I live with two of my favourite people in the entire world, whom I never would have met without the internet (and the same goes for them!). I travelled to Europe last year and I got to see Lisa, Clare and Jess, all of whom are internet friends and all of whom I adore. They made my time in London so much more special than it would have been otherwise. I have lived in two countries I never would have lived in, were it not for the internet (still would have lived in Austria, that was through school, but Australia and New Zealand are different stories).

To all my dear friends I met through this wonderfully weird web, I adore you. So many people talk about the good old days and they say they want to live in yesterday's world because it was easier and maybe that's true. I'm still so glad to live in this one.
Tags: ali is a goddess, clare the loverly, family, getting a wee bit introspective, heartfelt things which are heartfelt, i love the internet, leah is beautiful, lewi, love

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