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I love him more than Carol Channing

Bill Bailey was magnificent. I still enjoy Dylan's brand of rambling comedy more, but Bill is brilliant. And he interacts with the audience so well. He said "five minutes in and this is already the weirdest gig I've ever done." Mostly because people shouted sheepdog commands at him "GET IN BEHIND" and some one asked if his mandolin-shaped instrument was "Scientology related" (I can't remember the actual word).

He talked about Twitter. We were Twitter-buddies once. And then he talked about art, and doubting Thomas and I turned to Alison and said "Carevaggio" and then he not only talked about Carevaggio, but SHOWED us the painting on his projection screen and then he MADE THOMAS' FINGER GO IN AND OUT OF CHRIST. It was pretty brutal. :D

AND he was talking about barnacles and he was asking the audience what people knew about them and someone said "LIVE IN THE SHEA!" and he laughed and said "live in the sheep!? No you mean sea, don't you?" "Yeeaa" which he giggled about. And then someone said they had a big penis and he asked if anyone knew how big they were, and Alison shouted "SIX TIMES!" and he said, "big size? Are you all off your face? How big are they BIG SIZE!" And we loled. And then he played Gary Numan's Cars in the style of some French person and he honked horns and it was GENIUS. OH and he created a musical moment with an audience member with some musical instrument from Japan he had her play and then accompany. And he did Hallelujah in the style of Kraftwerk and I was loling at his German because it was fantastic. And awesome.

I love him a fantastic amount.
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