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The Dell Saga

It's finally over.

In February, I ordered a beautiful and fancy new laptop from Dell NZ. Blu-Ray player, purple colour, HD display, 17 inches and souped up processor. Fancyfancy. I never had trouble with Dell US and Dell Australia, so I didn't worry about it for a second. I had ordered three previous computers from Dell, and every single time I was emailed when the order went in, when the money cleared, when the unit was built, and then I was called when the computer was going to be delivered. Every time I called for customer assistance, I was helped.

Apparently Dell NZ, in comparison, sucks my ass. The order was not confirmed, and no email let me know if my money cleared, so I had to call THEM. Then no email told me when the unit was being built OR when it was being shipped so I called AGAIN to see why it had been three weeks and I had heard NOTHING beyond when I called to confirm the order had even been received. They told me it might be delivered two weeks later. You know. Maybe. And that the delivery company would call before then. They didn't. It just showed up a few weeks later (after I called again because ONCE AGAIN it had taken longer than they stated and I got no email to let me know about the delay).

And then the Blu-Ray player didn't work. Everything else about the computer worked like a dream, but the player made watching anything impossible because it stalled every thirty seconds. And yet I STILL sat through the entirety of Australia with it doing that because...mmm...Hugh... I called to trouble shoot it and spent HOURS on the phone to no avail (even completely reinstalled everything in the process and still it didn't work). Got told I would be called back. Wasn't. I had to call AGAIN and still nothing. I insisted they send someone to fix it. Someone came. A delightful tech named Julian. HE couldn't even fix it. So I called back and they said they would send a replacement. THAT was never confirmed in an email. Replacement arrived and worked perfectly. Was told they would email me back when they wanted the original unit picked up. Weeks went by. Then months. We all started thinking that we were going to get to keep the original one, and THEN Dell contacted me and asked for the computer back. I was told a courier would come by today between 9 and 5 and they would call first. They arrived at 8 in the morning, without calling, so it was a good thing I woke up early. My alarm was set for 9. Seriously. IS IT SO HARD TO CONTACT SOMEONE?! The only time they ever called me EVER was to ask for the computer back and that was months after they said they would. SO.Frustrating.

In case that was all too much text, the moral of the story is Dell NZ sucks and their customer service is non-existent. They did, however, replace my broken laptop. I hear they usually don't. It was weeks after I should have had it, but they still did it. I will never order from them again, however. No matter how pretty the computer is!

Oh, and this morning it was so cold in the kitchen, that when Leah turned on the light in the pantry, it made FOG.
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