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Stop. Sneezing.

No really. You're losing IQ this way.

Evidenced by my panicking because something weird was beside me. It's a shirt. OH NOES, WARDROBE!!! Stupid...7 in the morning. Can't sleep. If I lie down, my nose betrays me, and I can't breathe. I can not stand that feeling. It freaks me out. I can sleep sitting up, FFS.

Also, about an hour ago, there was a bang and then a TERRIFYING SOUND like something yowling from THE UNDERWORLD and I FREAKED OUT. I jumped so much my laptop almost fell off my lap. And then I called for Ariadne and she didn't come. I shook her treats, and she didn't come. I was absolutely certain that a Hellbeast had eaten my kitten (my touch with reality is thin at the best of times, and now I am sick and sleep deprived, so yes, I am being actually serious right now...) and I started tearing the room apart to find her. She was behind the curtain, staring out the window at Yoko, the kitty from next door. Who apparently makes the same sounds when she sees Ariadne, as Lewis makes when he's having a nightmare and screams in his sleep. A sort of blood-curdling, howl from hell, intermingled with a death rattle/shriek.

Honestly, the most frightening thing I have heard, ever. This is the birth of Heart Attack Kitteh, cousin to Heart Attack Pigeon.

And Yoko is a lovely kitty! I'm just grateful that sound did not come out of my tiny widdle princess. I picked her up to take her away from the Hellbeast, and she jumped out of my arms and scrambled back to look out the window again. So I know where I stand!

Staying up all night isn't good for your brain, but I did eat chips, chicken nuggets, and watch Spaced! :D
Tags: ariadne and her ball of wool, brain eaten, heart attack kitteh, hellbeasts and other such nonsense, lewi is cute!, lolwhut, so tired

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