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I am awesome, tralala...

I may or may not be having wine. Bubbly, pink wine, whooo. Also Dylan Moran is on the telly being all Irishy. And before, we watched The Shining. It was funny :)

So...I submitted an essay on the ecological perspective and how it relates to social work, and I figured it was C work. I wasn't happy with it at all. This isn't the kind of essay I'm good at. I'm good at talking about historical events and talking about contributions of literature or even doing lit crit, but like science of the mind stuff and relating it to a profession, eeeiiiiii.

I wasn't happy, but apparently my lecturer was. I got an A. I got 87%, in fact. The lecturer said "good use of the text to back up your arguments". Yeah, I did that because I didn't have any arguments... I am so flipping amused! And I got an A on my exam as well. WHOOHOOO!

Quite pleased.

Lewi tomorrow :D
Tags: i am a friggin genius, lewi is cute!, studying, tooting my own horn, yay!

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