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Someone can't focus...

Journal layout bored me so I changed it. It's been the same for...6 years? Anyway, since I SUCK at changing them, I just changed it to the Darker London layout and switched headers (one MIGHT be under the impression that I like the bridge or something...). How's that for lazy?! I also don't like change, so changing ti to something I know is probably for the best... And now I am adding links to fricking EVERYTHING because it's AWESOME. Wheeeee!

Anyway, I Mark Reads Harry Potter has gotten me hooked on re-watching the old movies. I just finished one (SEAN BIGGERSTAFF! I love watching my Julian) and after I feed the Simba-kitty (Landlord's cat, we did not get another feline) I will watch two. And...hopefully...write something Darker Londoney. I've had a blank window open for me all day. May give up and write Nicholas/Hannah again instead. I had a scene for tomorrow but I might do it tonight and to hell with it! They're taking over my brain with their inability to communicate. It's awesome.

Mostly? Loving the fact that whatever I do to piddle my time away, it doesn't matter. I am on VACATION so suck it, deadlines!
Tags: dirty life, harry potter, ho hum, home, kitty!, layouts, the bridge, writing

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