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Hugh is wearing purple!

Meg Ryan, you have stupid hair.

I am trying to watch Kate and Leopold but Meg's stupid hair and her stupid stupidness are distracting.

Yesterday Ariadne and I decided to go out to explore the outside world. The neighbour decided that exact moment was the perfect moment to do something loud and mechanical in their yard. Cue Ariadne darting under the porch and me on my knees for two hours trying to get her out. Ooof. When she came out she was all dirty, but quite pleased with herself. Naughty little monkey.

Haha Hugh Jackman said one of his names was Thomas. No Nicholas in there though, damn!

OH. And researching things about homeless children? Quite depressing. I mean, I KNEW THAT but still :|

"It still stands! The world has changed all around it, but Roebling's erection still stands!" hahhahahaa oh Hugh.
Tags: argh, ariadne and her ball of wool, hugh jackman, kitty!, study

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