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Ariadne kept me up until 7 am when I had to get up at 9 on Monday so then after that I fell asleep at 8:30 pm last night. Seriously. I'm surprised I lasted THAT long. And I fell asleep with the door open (I KNOW WHUT) so the kitty wasn't cooped up in one room for 11 hours. She is grateful. Little weirdo. I woke up once at 3 to find her sniffing my glass of water so deeply, she inhaled it, sneezed it out into my glass, and then sniffed again, thus repeating the entire process. (Don't worry, I didn't drink from it after that...)

I'm not entirely convinced that Ariadne is the world's most intelligent animal, but she's one of the cutest, so that's something! Currently? She is attacking the push pins in my wall. Yes. And when she falls down, sometimes she falls onto my touch lamp and turns it on and then she freaks out AHHAHAHAHHAHAHAAA omfg so cute I die.

And she is fascinated by my printer. Back to printing out lecture notes, ho hum. 11 hours of sleep is freaking bliss.

Tags: ariadne and her ball of wool, studying

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