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Frak the man!

I am on a computer at Uni. The screen is odd and curved and old and hard to see and this keyboard...I'm trying not think about what is living under the letters I am using to form what can hardly be called thoughts. Seriously. Keyboard trolls could survive for months on the detritus that is festering between the 26 characters in the English language contained in this keyboard.

...it's 26 letters, yeah? No sleep makes Lara something something.

BUT I had a lovely discussion about socialism and Why Americans Are Silly because they are resisting 'socialist ideals' for all the wrong reasons. I.E. YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, NEENER NEENER! or...whatnot. Socialist reforms, according to our lecturer, saved NZ's arse after the depression. They're not always bad. I don't think ANYONE is trying to make the US into a socialist country, just you know...one that cares about it's citizens. And my classmate was saying that in the UK there are a lot of similar debates. She mentioned Thatcher while talking about something else, and then she spit and I laughed. She said, "I'm sorry, I can't say her name without spitting," and I said, "you just reminded me of a dear friend of mine," and it made me smile. Spitting made me smile for probably the first time ever, as it is largely disgusting.

ANYWAY I am too far gone to actually expand on any of the other issues we discussed, but it was nice to have a RATIONAL explanation with someone about this crap. You mention it to someone in the US who has a differing opinion, and suddenly people are insulting each other's mothers. But dear GOD you guys.

Something's gotta give.
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