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I hate my nose and insomnia.

I can't sleep because I am getting sick again. AT THE END OF MY HOLIDAYS THIS IS NOT OKAY! I have class next week, body. You couldn't have done this on any of the three weeks I DIDN'T!?!??! Clearly Leah and I should not live together. We infect each other.


It sounds dirty :D

Also? Ariadne's favourite toy? A piece of chocolate wrapper crumpled up into a ball. I threw it away and she fished it out of the trash and played with that bad boy like a mofo for hours. All upside down under my bed and over the shoes and under the desk and tralalala daisies. Then I threw it away the next morning? It reappeared. This performance has now repeated itself for four days in a row, so I think I'll let her keep it...

Ariadne 1, Lara 0. But she's cute, so who's keeping score!? She just chased it into her water dish, paused to drink, and then chased it out again. Oh dear.

Though she did drag the toy Tim and Sam brought over UP and DOWN the hallway earlier tonight hahahaha it was awesome!

....I like cats. SHE JUS JUMPED UP HERE AUUUFHH AI CAN"T SE! ...wow (apparently my blind typing skills aren't TOO terrible!) ANYWAY, bedtime. I hope.
Tags: ariadne and her ball of wool, disease, i'm infected by your genetics, kitty!, leah is beautiful, no sleep for you!

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