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Short state of affairs

We're listening to Abney Park playing Little Drummer Boy, which is awesome and hilarious. Ali is cooking and Leah's potatoes are baking. Lewi is here and we spent the afternoon watching Lord of the Rings in 60 minutes which is great fun starring my friends when they were teensy! And I cuddled a Simbacat and he purred so loudly it was slightly disconcerting :D

And then I learned that if you don't touch your flute in two years you forget how to play it ;) BUT I can learn again (much to the annoyance of my housemates I'm sure!)

Hera on Saturday was beautiful and she gave us hugs and we gave her chocolate and Leah got to request two songs and she dedicated her last song to us :D I LOVE her she's so freaking cute!

And Lewi is awesome :D
Tags: ali is a goddess, alina is amazing, cath rocks my socks, hera sings, jen loves the boosh, leah is beautiful, lewi, lfod, music

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