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Random aside:

Every time my housemates are surprised at how crazy I am, it makes me lol. It's a darn good thing it mostly makes them lol too! ;)

This post brought to you because I walked in on Ali brushing her teeth in the hallway and she let out a shriek and ran into the bathroom so I wouldn't see her and gag (I can't watch people brush their teeth, even on telly.... I can DO it btw, just not witness it.) and it was adorable.

Also, this afternoon I bought cottage cheese which makes me happy, but then I spilled some on the floor without realising, and I stepped all up in that goo, and that made me sad. Cottage cheese between my toes. Oh ew oh ew oh ew.

Also, I don't like feet. Just FYI... :D

OH AND I am aware it is April Fool's Day AKA my least favourite day of the year. I hate being freaking gullible. I try to trust nothing on this day, and I always get tricked ANYWAY. If you try to trick me, I will end you. *significant looks*
Tags: ali is a goddess, haha, issues, leah is beautiful, new zealand

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