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Fun of Funsieness

On Saturday there was the Chinese Lantern Festival with Alina and Ali which was AWESOME and dumplingy. And also coconut toasty and this weird bubble fruit...thingy. Wheee, drinks you have to chew!!!

Yesterday I had to finish off a self-reflective journal which I had half written. I had to do reading and quoting and paraphrasing (This woman's 'self-reflective journal' tasks are actually 600 word essays apparently, thank goodness I asked someone from last year) and I enjoyed myself. I'm such a hardcore nerd. Now tonight I just have to make it pretty before I turn it in tomorrow! And then start working on the book report focusing on the welfare system (I'm sorry....snooze?) but THEN I get to write more about researchand case studies and ommmggggggg a paper on human development and a social issue. That one I am really excited for.


Also? My big computer just might be the awesomest thing ever. And hopefully tonight it will be on the internets so I can actually USE the thing.

Now breakfast time!
Tags: ali is a goddess, alina is amazing, studying, yay!

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