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Curse you, February

Oh my GOD okay, I sold my care for SIGNIFICANTLY less than I wanted but all my stuff finally got shipped away. Woot! So now the only things I have left to do is packing the rest of it (the suitcase stuff) and throwing away the PILES TO CRAP I seem to have accumulated that will be retired to the bottom of a skip in due haste.

I am using my tiny computer now, though I kept my bigger keyboard. Good thinking, 99. That tiny one is just not handy ;) All of my hard drive stuff is backed up on my new portable one! Of course, in going to try to download Norton Antivirus (this one only has AVG) I charged it to my American Credit Card and it said it didn't work. I tried it again. Several times. Norton says it didn't work, my BANK says it did. SO. YAY one more thing I have to try to work out with a bank while I'm not only overseas, but MOVING to another COUNTRY. Stupid sdihfgwpoed :|

...POed is right, thank you random keyboard mash.

Tomorrow I have to:

Cancel all insurance (Health, Auto)
Make bank not charge me as I am a student
Pay thieves car tester people
Throw away a bunch of crap
Pack my suitcase and make sure I have cash on me because it will be overweight again, bollocks
Make sure I have all my documents
Stop panicking
No, really, stop panicking
Not drive Lewi Crazy


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