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29 January 2010 @ 05:38 pm
Stay Tuned for another round of love for my ACU Drogies...  
Today was my last day at ACU. Mmm. Lisa left early so I hugged her up in the morning before she had to go. Brad wasn't even there, but we said goodbye yesterday. I had coffee with Marg Burgess, which was awesome. And because she was a bit late (tee hee!) I spent some time with Doreen, Gracie, Cassie and then Michelle afterwards. Just chatting. It was really nice. And then my Lauren came to visit and that was really wonderful. Lauren hasn't worked at ACU since April I think? I've missed her, she rocks my socks.

I cleaned out all my drawers and gave away the foodstuffs I had stockpiled (hypoglycemia, thanks) and other stuff. Packed up the rest. Did a few last minute things, and TOTALLY dragged out the time because I didn't really want to go. Hooray for dawdling. Then I told everyone I was going to leave and in the middle of hugs, my Erin called! Then back to hugs...and it was depressing but sweet. I gave my beloved bamboo plant to Michelle to look after because she's special (and the plant is too!). And then I had to go. And because I was crying it had to be quick.

They applauded me as I left. My former co-workers? Total class.

So it's over. I was fine driving home until about half-way and freaking How to Save a Life came on. Thanks, iPod. I cried, got myself together, got home, saw Lewi, and promptly burst into tears again. I know I'm doing the right thing, and I know I'm going to love it, but it was hard to leave. It really was. And I know some people won't get it, and I know some people will because they've had That Job where they went in every day and despite everything that got thrown at them, they loved the people they worked with, and they enjoyed being there with them. EF&S at ACU is something special and I hope they continue to have a blast with each other. I know I did.

Gracie walked me out and told me I'm a special lady. I told her she is too. And that, as they say, is that.
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