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Evil Family isn't just for Fictional Characters!

On the Kempf Family (Peter's incredibly bigoted and horrible German family, Johan is his cousin) taken from a scene in 2008:

"We came to see Johan's family." Werner explained, taking a seat on his son's desk chair.

"I thought your family blew, Mate?" Alastair asked, looking up at Johan.

"So did I!" Johan replied back with a grin. "But opinions are as ever-changing as the seasons. Sometimes. I have a cousin who is apparently wonderful. The things you miss when you don't get the family newsletters."

Alastair nearly choked on his latte. "Newsletters!!"

"I was being fantastical..." Johan explained with a wink. "They don't actually have newsletters, though they would probably be full of themselves enough to do just that. It would be a very frightening letterhead..." Johan winced just imagining it and he contented himself by drinking his mocha instead.

I crack myself up. I was re-reading scenes. I think I amuse no one as much as me, but at least I get a kick out of myself!!

Edit: Quinn chuckled. "You sound half toasted already, might as well surrender to the fumes, eh?! Oh my god, Eamon, I just realised what to go as to the philosophy department's Halloween party!"

"A fume?" Eamon asked, his eyebrows raised.

"No!" Quinn stuck his tongue out as his brother. "I'm going to go as postmodernism! I'll wear, 'this is a Halloween costume' on a sign around my neck and...oh god, no. It's too easy."

AHAHHAHAHAH PHILOSOPHY JOKES! I love them. Apparently them and physics jokes. Right on, yo.
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