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Carol Channing is a not a Vulcan

Went to see Sherlock Holmes again last night because APPARENTLY Melbourne is a city of child movie haters and The Princess and the Frog wasn't playing ANYWHERE I could get to without my car. And brilliant me, I took the train yesterday. Foo. So plans changed, and I'm going this weekend because I.Must.See.It.

So tired. Fell asleep watching Star Trek. Oh how I love...everyone on that show. Except the horrible Dr Pulaski. Stupid season 2. GET OVER WITH SO I CAN HAVE MY REDHEADED DOCTOR BACK! Pulaski can go suck a phaser for SRS.

Now I'm at work and I'm updating business processes and training people which ALWAYS puts me to frickin' sleep (BUT I DO LOVE MY JOB - NO SARCASM). So I'm rocking the caffeine hard and trying to decide what to write but there's so many things to choose from and when I'm overtired and caffinated my mind finds it really hard to make a decision, so instead I sit for HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS TRYING TO DECIDE until I'm too tired and fall asleep.

Stupid...illogical mind. WHY CAN'T I BE A VULCAN?

I love latte.

And Noel Fielding.
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