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They're totally grownups

Sometimes I re-read things, and they make me laugh so loud it hurts my throat...

Peter sighed and he wiped at his tears. "I'm just...afraid. Of what the next thing will be. Because there's always a next thing. A demon, or a werewolf or a stupid blond angel who won't leave me alone. Brain tumours and Templar and diabetes and you're going to have this baby soon...little Lauren...and I'm absolutely fucking terrified that you'll...you know...die again."

"I only died for like 3 minutes last time! That's hardly dying at all! You died for 5 days. You died way more than me!" Aly protested.

I love it when my characters are petty :D

EDIT: AHAHHAA So Peter was crying on his journal and the ink got on his cheek. "Me too! Just a second." Aly leaned back and then she did the stereotypical 'mother licking the handkerchief' thing, only without a handkerchief. She licked her thumb and rubbed the ink from Peter's cheek. And he blinked in surprise.

"Did you just lick me!?" He squeaked.

"Yes. You had 'ignorant masses' on you." Aly explained.
I crack myself up.
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