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If only I could continue to use the less creative side of my brain...

Working here is awesome...

Yesterday Lisa was talking to one of the theology course coordinators. She is a theology student, so they get along really well and have a good relationship. Apparently he was trying to get her to do something and she was refusing.

Lisa: "No. No, it's a school issue. It's your thing and if you want to do it, I think it should come from the school, I'm not going to do that." *pause* "You know, you're a theologian, I don't think you should be saying 'Jesus Christ' like that, it's not very good..."

And I pissed myself laughing. Also, the Assistant Academic Registrar (Student Systems) was down yesterday and he walked past me. He's in charge of computers and well..systems, among other things.

Leo: "Hi, Lara! How are you?"
Me: "Leeooooooo, my computer isn't WORKINGGGGG!"
Leo: "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"
Me: "IT CROWD!" *raises arms in triumph*
Leo: "YEAH! *matches me*
Everyone else: O_O....?

We bonded. BTW? Turning it off and on again? Worked. :|
Tags: I ♥ nerds, a hubba bubba nightmare, acu, awesomeness, funny work stories, haha, quotes, telly shows of hotness, tried turning it off and on again

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