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I mock you with my monkey-pants!

I organised a sweep at work for the Melbourne Cup (early because a lot of people are taking Monday off) and we were drawing horse names today. Cassie pulled a name out of the Mickey Mouse hat and she laughed and yelled "HAH! Think Monkey!"

I sighed and said, "honey, that says 'Think Money'."

Her reply, a rather crestfallen: "...Oh. That's not as funny." Which is true! Still, I was very amused. And then I walked across the busy city street to the campus to let the student centre peeps draw names. Carrying the Mickey Mouse hat. I got SO many strange looks and I just waved :D

Oh, and today our house WASN'T attacked by a wayward swarm of crazy flying ant-things!

Some days are just made of awesome.
Tags: acu, awesomeness, funny work stories, haha, quotes

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