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Behold how I am somewhat offensive!

HAhahahahahahhahaa! You know, if dispatching Pennwise was done this way, It would have been a very different book! Instead of the ritual of Chud (minus one umlauty thing) they just lure him on front of a television set and blast Beyonce at him. GO, PENNYWISE GO...AHHAHAHAHHAAHAH WE GOT YOU NOW!

It would have been much shorter and somewhat less enjoyable, but very a-a-a-amusing.

Ah, Stephen King in-jokes. ILY Mr King. Marry me.

He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts. That's a bit different than Single Ladies!

And, completely off-topic, at work when I am on break I put my Sirius Black action figure up so my team leader knows. Except today I forgot and my boss said, "You're on break where's your little troll?!" And I was like "IT'S SIRIUS BLACK OMG!" And she thought that was hilarious... He needed to have his honour defended!

Tags: acu, haha, i love tim curry's face, quotes, stephen king, videos

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