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A lovely example of workplace behaviour

Dear Poopoohead,

Oh, it is so on.

I will use the milk to make my oaties if I want and you can KISS MY GRITS! Except no, because I want to eat them and if you kissed them I'd be all D:

You're probably the meaniemoo who stole all my Ovaltine. I'll get you. Just you wait. I have spies everywhere. Well...Lisa and Cassie. BUT THEY ARE ON TO YOU! YOU PROBABLY STOLE MY MUG TOO! AND MY FORK which I am absolutely, positively, mostly sure I didn't accidentally throw out. Oh no. It was you, you smug, little, Ovaltine-stealer. And when you least expect it, I am going to steal something of yours. Like your paper clips. Or I will staple allllll your papers together and then steal your clawey remover-staplesy-thing! HAHAHA!


*shifty eyes*

Observationally Yours,

Tags: acu, crazy people, haha, oh you're in for it now

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