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"Looking up into thousands of snowflakes is a confusing image. Especially for someone who is losing his mind."

...yes. Thank you Mister Director of Deception. I can say, without a doubt, that you would be correct there, sir. Very astute. *pats* Probably looking at ANYTHING is confusing when losing one's mind, however.

My favourite comment from the director's commentary on Deception, however was:

"We were a little worried because Ewan and Hugh were not tennis players. We thought that you could see they were beginners. But they were great. I mean, we have Obi-Wan and Wolverine, of course they could do it."

Yeeaaahhhh good point there! Totally forgot Ewan was Obi-Wan watching that. He's just so nerdy.

Clearly, my night has been productive ;)
Tags: ewan mcgregor, hugh jackman, movies

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