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I went to the website to read about the sequel to my second favourite children's book ever The 101 Dalmations. The sequel is called Starlight Barking and Ali TOLD me it was weird. And then I read the wiki page.

The dogs travel to Trafalgar Square where they are addressed from the top of Nelson's Column by Sirius, Lord of the Dog Star, an extraterrestrial dog.

That is awesome.

Having just been there, I can freaking imagine it hahhhahahhaa! Nelson's Column is freakin' huge! Like no humans would realise this alien dog up there barking to his dog friends. I suggest he rent out that platform in Trafalgar Square where he can present his extraterrestrial views as if they were part of an performance art piece, or political activism. Then he would totally blend in.

Oh, Dodie Smith, you're crazy! ♥
Tags: books, haha, london

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