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Lewi picked up my transcripts from La Trobe so I can apply for my postgraduate programs, and I had forgotten how awesome I did! I look at my transcripts now and I'm all proud. Especially of my A/HD in Teaching Maths Method. That essay I did kicked ARSE (92% thank you very much!) and the practicals were also awesome!

It makes me all excited to study again. I was all 'oooh, essay writing' last week. But yeah. I CAN do it. And I can do it well. Sometimes it's just nice to be reminded, even if it IS bittersweet because my awesome marks are being wasted because I won't teach with the Aussie curriculum the way it is.

Cest la vie. Time to move on.
Tags: ah education, go me, happiness, i am a friggin genius, omgaristotle, studying, tags just because, tooting my own horn

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