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I still love London!!

Oh ill. But already feeling better for sitting down. Darn you, blood sugar!

Clare and I went to Regent's Park! And we took pictures of it! And then found 55 Prince Albert Road, which is not a house at all so the layout of the house I found there LIED to me ;) I think now it might be 5 Prince Albert Road but I am so not changing it ahahhaahha I'm too lazy. So in Darker London, there's a house there shhh no telling. And I shall have to be content knowing Peter's house is SOMEWHERE on Prince Albert Road where I was and since I don't know the outside, it's true location shall always be a mystery!!!

Incidentally, the flats at 55 prince Albert Road are like 1066 pounds A MONTH for the cheapest ones. So. That's expensive. Imperial Court it certainly IS! Maybe the house layout was really a flat in the building.... hmmmm.... But it had staff quarters. Ah well, Victoria Lane doesn't really exist either DON'T TELL DEIRDRE!

We went to the Sherlock Holmes museum (which is on Baker Street which is where Kat lives! Well, just off of it!) and Camden Town Market and they were AWESOME and then we went to Forbidden Planet where I would have spent FAR TOO MUCH MONEY had I not felt incredibly ill. But I did buy the two Emilie Autumn cds I don't have from Resurrection Records. You would have LOVED it, Honey. And the market. Clare and I commented that if we brought Circe there, we would never get her away from it again! We went in the eletrogoth store and it was AWESOME! Fairy Goth Mother moved though, according to Clare, so no Yvonneing!

Tomorrow we're visiting the Globe and seeing Westminster and Big Ben before heading to Covent Garden since we missed it today on account of my bailing to rest. I'm such a spoilsport! I can't believe it's almost over noooooo! One more whole day in London and then a few in Dublin before heading to Montana and the touristic part will be done. It's been awesome!
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