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Vienna Day 4


I got to Schoenbrunn at around 11, only to discover that apparently THE POPULATION OF A SMALL COUNTRY decided to go to the palace today. Stupid people. Don't they know it's MY freakin' palace. So rude, wanting to partake of the history pfft. Anyway, the line actually moved relatively quickly for reaching across the palace grounds. And I had company anyway. Two Scottish men I met by accidentally punching one of them in the dingaling while walking with authority and swinging my arms. I was horrified, but he laughed, because apparently a girly punch to the mandingo does not worry a big, burly Scottish man. They told me things to see in Edinburgh and made me laugh until the line reached the thingy and we could buy tickets. They were going on a different tour, however. Alas. I so think they were lumberjacks. They were HUGE and I am tall. They called me 'wee lass' and said things like 'oh aye' ahahah LOVE!

When I had my ticket, it was then I found out you have to wait a half an hour before you can go in. That was so not the case last time! And this is someone who HATES having time to waste. I am supremely bad at it. I have to have something to do or I go mental. So I bought a souvenir book and read YAY.

The inside of Schoenbrunn is incredible, though I could take no photos to prove this. I can show you the book if I know you in person ;) It takes and hour to wander through with one of those audio guides, and I got to hear allllll about my beloved Sisi. That's Empress Elisabeth. Though Schoenbrunn was done up by Maria Theresia, so the tour seemed to center on her, as she deserves. That's Marie Antionette's mummy, by the by! She was born at Schoenbrunn!

Lara, stop it!

Then I went to the Hofburg which houses the library which is just amazing. And from there on to the Sisi museum and the Imperial Apartments. THAT tour was all about Sisi and her husband (COUSIN) Franz Jozef (who declared WW1 when his nephew Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo). By the time I got halfway through, I was done due to severe footache. I did finish the tour and then I came back here to sit. I'll find a nice place for dinner, and then walk around a bit more to say goodbye.

Tomorrow is Edinburgh and it's a darn good thing I can spend the day sitting around because I have a walking tour at 9 pm, and I want my feets rested. The hotel I'm staying at charges for internet, so I won't post anything until I'm in London, unless I post something tonight! But I'll be taking photos aplenty.


Oh man, how does one say goodbye to a place like this? I just love it here so much. And I can't wait to show it to my Lewi :D It's so strange leaving after so short a time because I lived here for three months and even after 8 years, being back is so natural. Like I never left. I guess that is how one would say goodbye. 'Until next time.' How German! ;)

My socks are patterned like cows.

New photos start here!
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