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Vienna Days 2 and 3

I couldn't write yesterday because I baked my brains. BUT I went to Melk and it was awesome. So incredibly Awesome. Even if Peter cowered behind my brain the entire time. On the train there I saw this thing and though 'oh there's a kangaroo!' and then I realised that's ridiculous before realising it was, in fact, a haystack... But you know...a marsupial-like one...

I wandered in the Melk woods (yes, I was OUTSIDE) and then I visited the town before heading back, writing Peter-story in my head the entire way. I started a backstory scene, but as I baked my brain, I only got through two paragraphs. How did I bake my brain?

I went to Schoenbrunn on a whim (I am going inside tomorrow) because the train happened to stop at Huetteldorf station which I happen to known is also an U-Bahn station because I had to depart for class there every day for three months in 2001. So I got off the train there instead of where I got on, and took the U-Bahn to the palace. I used to park myself there several times a week to read, so it was purely for nostalgia value. HOWEVER since it was hot out (it was only 26, but I'm a wuss) and I decided to climb the gloriette and I had only slept for like 3 hours the night before AND I couldn't breathe (stupid asthma) once I got to the top I decided I cared for nothing. Absolutely nothing. So I came back to the hotel and slept. For TWELVE HOURS. It was awesome. Ah, vacation.

Today I went inside Stephansdom because I LOVE IT and it is the most impressive place ever. It's just SO BIG. I think you could fit my entire high school in there with room to spare. You can't get a proper photo because it's just too tall and too huge.

This sexy guy dressed at Mozart offered me his umbrella and I thought 'oh, he's a ticket-seller but he's being sweet' Then he was like 'pretty girls like you shouldn't be in the rain' and I giggled and thought 'Ah, he's not going to try to sell me any-' "Would you like to buy a ticket for a concert! It's not raining in the imperial palace!" Stupid ticket seller. What about our covetous glance-love!? *sigh* And by the time I decided maybe that would be cool, I couldn't find any of the Mozart impersonators to buy a ticket from. Oh well. I'm going to the Hofburg tomorrow at any rate :D

Stephansdom is amazing and I went in the Catacombs like last time. The bones are gross, as are the pots containing the guts of the emperors. Though I did make a funny when the guy asked if anyone knew what they were and I said, "They're for the insides of the people who keep taking pictures". Seriously, you're in a CRYPT and the tour guide said no photos 12 times. Have some respect.

I went up in the north tower and holy shizzle, it's terrifying! The elevator opens up onto this see-through grid and you have to walk up see-through stairs to get to the top. SO SCARY!!! And then you're just on this cement thing which was meant to continue to be build on, and there's a halfhearted fence around it. *shudders* But the view was awesome.

Then I went to Belvedere, which is a castle but also an art gallery. No photos were allowed, but I saw Gustav Klimt's The Kiss. Incredible. And a painting of Der Erlkoenig as well as several of Caspar David Friedrich's paintings. I love him and he loves boats.

Tonight I think I will head to the prater if the rain keeps away! No photos though, as it's a carnival-place. Or perhaps a cafe! Tomorrow is my Habsburg day (*SQUEALS*) and I PROMISE I will try not to make tomorrow's entry a history lesson... But omgHabsburgsomgomg.

New Vienna photos start HERE and Melk photos are here
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