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I wrote this yesterday in Singapore. Facebook won't let me update photos yet!! (My feet hurt so I am relaxing until dinner!)

1 August 2009

Singapore’s Changi Airport is INCREDIBLE. I think you could spend your entire vacation here. They have a free movie theatre, and a BUTTERFLY HOUSE. Which is tiny, but it exists. I took pictures.

I went on a free tour of Singapore run by the airport and that was awesome too. We got to see a Chinese Temple, and Chinatown and Indian Village. Singapore is very small, and I am so glad I did the tour instead of sitting around in the airport like I am now! The tour was awesome and I took a lot of pictures. Can’t complain about free either!!! I then bought a tiny portable mouse for this computer but have no way to open it yet. FAIL!purchase! It's childproof, seriously...

This is an attempt not to fall asleep in the chair because reading wasn’t working! I was reading Wicked and it’s awesome but I am SO TIRED. To be fair, I haven’t slept since getting up for work on July 31! And I have a 12 hour flight to Frankfurt and then a 1 hour flight to Vienna. At least it doesn’t matter if I drift off in the plane. At least I just miss the in flight movies. WHICH I chose Star Trek and Wolverine and Boat that Rocked, and the only one I didn’t snooze during was Boat That Rocked. Never would have seen that one coming.

Like twenty minutes until boarding begins. I think I’ll play Solitare. I’m having a blast so far, and I haven’t even gotten where I am going yet!!! This pleases me.

Stay awake, Lara!! Stay Awake! And get used to this keyboard ;) (I’m getting the hang of it now. It’s SO TINY and my fingers are NOT.)

EDIT: Photos
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