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Oh, Vienna


The trains cursed me this morning. A pox on them.

So anyway, I'm at HOME and I booked a ghost tour in Dublin too YAY and now I'm looking up stuff to do in Vienna that I haven't already done. I've done a lot and been to most of the obvious and even some of the not so obvious places there already in 2001. I found a history/torture museum which I am TOTALLY going to because they do medieval re-enactments and I hope I just don't look creepy rocking up to this torture museum by myself. I'll be the creepy lady in the corner... Yep, that's totally me. And it's near the aquarium which, by some strange circumstance, I missed last time. So I'll hit both of those one of the days :D Probably the day after Melk. Then I'll go to Heitzing and have Heisse Schokolade at Schoen Brunn and visit the tiergarten because I'm a sucker for a zoo. And the Vienna zoo is frikkin' gorgeous. I want to go to the district I stayed in there too, out past Hutteldorf. We'll see! The only other thing out that way though is the place where I'm terrified a wild boar will eat me. SRSLY. I can't ever remember how to spell it but it's like Lainzer Tiergarten and Hermesvilla is in there. Kaiser Franz-Jozef bought that for Kaiserin Sisi to be like "Stay in the frickin' country!" and she was like "Hell no!" even though he had A Midsummer Night's Dream painted on the bedroom ceiling.

It would make ME stay! Look http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermesvilla (Except...wild boar.)

Aaaaanyway, I know weird stuff and I'm going to go now :)

I ♥ Wien
Tags: 2009 trip, history nerding, i love kaiserin elisabeth..., vienna

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